The Legend of El Squid

The World Squid

KNOW, O children, that in the dim and misty past, our glorious founder, Lady Caterina del Cavallo, chose for our Shire a device of a red crabapple tree on a blue and white background. (In herald-speak this translates as "Quarterly azure and argent, a crabapple tree eradicated and in sinister chief a laurel wreath gules.")

Our first Shire banner lovingly made, we proudly showed it at our first event. We were horrified when a mean old herald rudely sneered. "Red tree? With roots eradicated? Looks more like a big red squid to me!"

We flung his scorn back at him. "Red squid? Fine. We'll call our herald Red Squid Pursuivant! And our cook's guild shall be called the Calamare Rouge! And someday, we shall have a great event, with a noble Tournament and yummy Spanish food, and call it 'Coppertree Challenge: El Squid!'"

We have made his life miserable over the years, mwa-ha-ha...