The Origins of the
Shire of Coppertree

Lady Caterina del Cavallo (Marjorie Brown) c. 1968.

ONCE upon a time there was an interesting woman who enjoyed going to science fiction conventions. At one of these, she met a gentleman who was a member of an oddball group called the Society for Creative Anachronism. The people in this group liked to dress up like people from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and pretend that they actually lived back then. The woman appreciated the chance to learn more about life Back Then, to create and wear beautiful costumes, to perform courtly dances, to participate in exciting battles, and to enjoy splendid feasts, with her new friends.

So the woman, who chose the SCA name of Caterina del Cavallo (because Italian Ren looks so damn good on women), started a local group. She decided to call it "Coppertree," because she lived in Rome, NY, the "Copper City;" where lots of beautiful trees grew, especially the flowering crabapple trees that bloomed in the spring, tra-la.

Coppertree started as a canton of the nearby Barony of Delftwood. The Baron and Baroness were all friends of Caterina, and they had fun holding events and going to a nice camping event called Pennsic, where a few thousand people showed up every year. The arms of Coppertree reflect the heritage of their Delftwood origins in the blue and white background, with the red crabapple tree of Coppertree in the foreground.

Then some new people found out about the SCA and started coming to events and fight practices. They lived in Coppertree. One of them was a fighter named Morguhn Sheridan. He had friends like Haakon Oaktall, Eleanor of Waldren, Rowan de la Garnison, Rhiannon the Curious, and Morgan Silverlocke. Morguhn became a very good fighter very quickly. Thirteen months from his authorization as a fighter, he won the Crown of the East Kingdom for Rowan.

Sir Morguhn Sheridan
(John Glenn)

This was the start of many Coppertree fighters who won great tournaments and ruled with their consorts as Prince and Princess, or King and Queen, of their groups. Coppertree has produced puissant Knights, noble Dons and Doñas of fencing, Laurels of various Arts and Sciences, and Pelicans whose service was great.

With time, and differing personalities, the canton grew up, and apart from the Barony. It was time for the branch to take root itself and become the great Shire of Coppertree that it is now. The seed Caterina planted flourishes, enriching all who dwell within and around it. Coppertree's roots run deep, and its high branches allow all who climb them a vantage point to view the future.