Other Groups Nearby

OUR humble Shire is only a small part of the SCA. There are other, equally wonderful groups situated nearby. While we would naturally prefer you to come and play with us, if you happen to live further away from the places we meet, you may find another group more convenient and accessible.

The Barony of Concordia of the Snows lies on our eastern border, and is part of the East Kingdom. In the real world, they cover the Capital region of New York. Here are a few useful links;

    Concordia of the Snows Home Page
    Concordia Events
    Concordia Contacts

The Shire of Anglespur lies further to our east, and is also part of the East Kingdom. They cover the Troy, New York area, and RPI. Here are a few useful links;

    Shire of Anglespur Home Page
    Anglespur Events
    Anglespur Contacts

On our western border, you'll find the Barony of Delftwood. Delftwood is part of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. They cover the Syracuse area, and surrounds. Here are a few useful links;

    Barony of Delftwood Home Page
    Delftwood Events
    Delftwood Contacts