Academy of the Rapier II

The Academy of the Rapier II will be held on Saturday, March 31, 2018, at the Kennedy Arena, 500 W Embargo St., Rome, NY 13440. This is a spacious hockey arena with locker rooms, showers, lots of parking, and free wi-fi, all on one floor and handicap accessible. (Sorry for fans of fencing on the ice, but the ice will not be down.)

Doors open at 9 a.m. and site closes at 5 p.m.

Preliminary Schedule

Marshal in Charge: Don Diego Munoz, KMOF AEthelmearc

9 a.m. Site opens.

10 a.m.: Lord Simon Caminante

Are you wishing you could use dagger like Don Killsalot? So am I. Good luck with that. Do you instead find that when you pick up a dagger you might as well have left it in the bag? Do you just want to pass that authorization so that people won't get 'points of honor' by fighting single sword against you? Then this class is for you! In this class you will start to build foundation skills for a better, more effective dagger experience.

10 a.m.: Master Raev Halle

Saviolo's First ward. Saviolo fencing master, con man, victim, bully or all of the above? This class will examine Saviolo's ward and give a bit of background to this enigmatic, often misunderstood and over looked fencing master. Fencing and or cut and thrust gear recommended.

11 a.m.: Don Yngvar, assisted by Don Diego, offers a class in melee tactics and strategy for fencers.

11 a.m.: Master Raev Halle

"The Black Book of the Sword" A study of "Tratado Das Licoes da Espada Preta" This class is an examination of Thomas Luis's work on destreza titled "Black Book of the Sword" which offers the dedestro a nuanced look at the practice of fencing methods that developed in Spain and Portugal. Fencing gear and or cut an thrust gear recommended

Noon: Lunch

THL Gytha Oggsdottir invites all to give her counsel and to fight a bout with her, as she prepares for her elevation to Pelican. Since her vigil and elevation will be at Ice Dragon, she feels that this gives more fencers time to visit her without missing out on the fencing at Ice Dragon.

1 p.m.: Lord Robert Tytes teaches a class on messer, the "Art of the Long Knife."

1 p.m.: Master Raev Halle

"I did what?: The use of video in training" Ever have friends point out a major flaw in your game? Getting hit in ways that should not be possible? Is your fight just not what it used to be? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then this is the class for you. Based in the principles of "Everybody gets a free view of you, that you can't see" and "Shared pain" The class will shoot, critique and commiserate over each others fencing methods frame by frame. We will also examine some of the ins and outs of video and how to make it work for you. Fencing gear and popcorn are recommended.

2 p.m.: Title: Modern Tricks and Masters' tactics

Instructor: THL Gytha Oggsdottir

Level: Beginner

Description: Ever wonder why you are sure you were out of range but now you are dead? Come discuss some of the common tricks fencers use to gain distance, distract their opponents and gain the upper hand in a fight. Plus look at tactics the Masters suggested to use and see how they are still applicable today.

Student Needs: NO fencing gear is needed!!! This is a discussion class

Time : one hour

2 p.m.: Master Raev Halle

"Cut & Thrust and you AKA the C&T Road show" Cut and thrust is a rich and diverse fighting style that is safe, enjoyable and accessible. This is a class that will talk about what you need to start banging swords together in a cut and thrust way. Rules, armor, weapons, hacks, best practices, and how not to die in the first ten seconds. Open to all levels, the more people we get the better the discussion, practice and growth of C&T.

3 p.m.: AEthelmearc Academy of Defense "Meet and Beat."

The Fellows cordially invite the Free Scholars and Provosts to take the field with us at the Academy of Rapier in Coppertree for a meet and beat. The concept behind this is to host a time where scholars and those not of the academy can come talk to us about what they are interested in historical fencing and we can point then in the direction of someone who could help them learn more or books that might interests them. Then engage in several bouts with them for fun.

4 p.m.: Possible Royal Court, as Her Majesty Juliana Delamere will be attending this event.

The autocrat is Mistress Mathilde des Pyrenees, mka Barbara Evans, 313 Urbandale Parkway, Rome, NY 13440, 315-269-9689,

Cost is $15; $10 for members; $5 for ages 6-14; and children age 5 and under are guests of the shire. Make checks payable to SCA, NY - Shire of Coppertree. The reservations clerk is Lady Elwyn Stone, mka Susan Schiffer, 9658 Elpis Road, Camden, NY 13316, 315-245-3596,

Merchants are welcome.

We are looking for instructors in various arts of fencing and rapier-related arts; please contact the autocrat. More information on this event will be released as it becomes available.